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Great Lakes Advisors, Inc.
Kelly Weller
222 S. Riverside Plaza, 28th FL
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 553-3700
Fax (312) 553-3737
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Great Lakes Advisors, Inc. provides customized investment management solutions for public funds and clients with statutory guidelines. Since 1990 Great Lakes Advisors, an independent employee-owned firm, has sought to deliver competitive performance returns with below average risk. The firm’s overall investment approach is based on value, income and diversification with an equity approach that is Large Cap Value and a fixed income strategy focused on high quality securities. Our clients look to Great Lakes for tailored investment solutions that meet their investment goals. At Great Lakes, all clients work directly with one of the owners of the firm. Public funds, endowments and foundations, labor, healthcare, religious communities, individuals and corporations partner with Great Lakes for their consistent application of conservative strategies that aim for competitive returns.

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