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Managed Medical Review Organization
Joseph Schimizzi
44090 W. 12 Mil Road
Novi, MI 48377
(866) 516-6676
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Managed Medical Review Organization (MMro) is a leading disability management firm, focusing on disability claims administration, vocational case management and return to work programs exclusively for Public Employee Retirement Systems. As a URAC accredited organization, MMro maintains disability business practices, rooted in objectivity, independence and integrity. Pension disability can impact a fund by being financially troublesome and inefficient when not administered utilizing best practice methods that are consistent with industry standards. Unique to the PERS community, MMro offers customizable and integrated disability management design, implementation, and administration so to be more accurately and cost effectively handle disability administration and vocational return to work programs. MMro claims professionals interact with treating medical providers, specialized clinical experts, medical consultants, vocational experts, and investigation professionals, to gain a comprehensive understanding of each disability claim so to assure that an accurate and fair disability claim determination is made for the Member and the Fund.

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